Brick masonry restoration by Haven Restoration

At Haven Restoration, safety of our employees - above all else - is our main goal. Providing a safe work environment enables us to complete our projects with great efficiency, and most importantly, injury-free.

Below are just a few examples of steps taken to ensure the safety of our employees:

  • Company Safety & Health Program
  • Annual respiratory and pulmonary testing
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Specific topic job-site "Toolbox Talks"
  • Job-site safety inspections, reports and checklists
  • Safety policies and procedures
  • OSHA training
  • Fall protection, personal protective equipment, ladder,
    scaffolding and forklift safety policies, as well as others
  • Dust collection for all types of dry cutting

Respiratory Program

Foundation moving by Haven Restoration

Haven Restoration's respiratory program consists of three criteria that guarantee employee safety during exposure to respiratory hazards:

  • Pulmonary Tests
  • Fit-testing
  • Equipment Training

Each employee that is or will be exposed to respiratory hazards will be sent to Health Resources to get pulmonary testing and certification for respirator use. Once certified, our foremen, who are also fit-test certified, will administer the fit-test to ensure proper seal. Every employee will be suppllied with a respirator at the beginning of employment with Haven Restoration. They will receive instructions on use and maintenance from our foremen during the company's Toolbox Talks. Replacement filters and equipment toilettes will be provided to help maintain the respirators, as well as guarantee the quality of breathing air.

Haven Restoration has a company respiratory protection program that details these matters. This package will be furnished upon request.

HAZCOM Program

Haven Restoration's HAZCOM program consists of training employees how to identify hazardous materials and where to obtain the proper information.

A "hazardous materials label identification system" poster is placed next to Haven's main job box in clear view at all times. The HAZCOM poster is compliant with present OSHA laveling standards and explains the hazardous material classifications and their index ratings.

A job-specific binder is also located in the main job box which contains the MSDS on all the chemicals that will be used for the project. During the weekly Toolbox Talks, all employees will be told where to find the MSDS sheets, as well as what to look for in case of an accident. If an injury or an adverse reaction occurs from contact with hazardous chemicals or materials, Haven's foremen are CPR and First Aid certified. They are capable of treating or stabilizing the employee until hospital treatment can be provided.

Haven Restoration has a hazardous materials communications policy located within its company safety manual that details these matters. This package will be furnished upon request.


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